Friday, May 10, 2013

Lawlessness is coming to be the destiny of India

By Rajesh Sharma

Lawlessness is coming to be the destiny of India. 

And it goes masked under lawfulness and propriety. 

As we fathom greater depths of venality and deceit, experts, specialists, technocrats, managers and ‘intellectuals’ are working overtime to produce effects of oh-so-much happening. A reactive hyperactivity, whose fountainhead is the media, is radiating from tv screens. 

Has not the media, whatever the intentions of those who are motivated nobly, come to function as a machine of distraction, consolation, vicarious rage? In short, the Bad Conscience of the Indian people?


RS said...

Ye guftagu guftagu nahin hai,
bigadne banane ka marhala hai;

Dhadak raha hai faza ka dil,
ke zindagi ka maamla hai.

Swaraj Raj said...

Reactive hyperactivity. The media is actually behaving like a person who suffers like a kid from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder while being demented like an old man at the same time. The country is slowly slipping into lawlessness and anarchy with no centre to hold. Looking at the record of opposition parties, one can't even hope that some good will come out of this.

Dalbir Singh said...

media is in fact an enormous giant ,always hungry,always seeking something to eat (favourite dish-breaking news).whatever comes its way it is to show.the moment it doesnt flash a 'breaking news' it is not working actually...
Media is everything that our India is...It is good and bad conscience of Our country. I agree it is hyperactive(i think its justified) because our countrymen are nerveless.Whatever small or big agitations we have seen in past days is the result of its hyper-activity. Even in view of its aspects like 'paid news' media is doing really well....