Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cricket And Capital

By Badri Raina

When we played cricket,
Indian Capitalism was still in its
Shamefaced early days,
Morally strangulated by unrewarding
Socialist ways. We spent what
Money we could muster
From parent and filibuster
Just to buy the cheapest bat or ball;
Hardly anyone ever thought
Of leg guards at all.
Off we went, regardless of weather,
And joyfully hurled or smashed some leather.
There were neither bookies nor bank accounts,
Nor the hang-dog looks of salivating mouths.
Since then, with Nehru’s demise, India
Has “come a long way” don’t we know;
As GDP soars could cricket remain below?
Yet still we pretend that corruption is bad,
When corruption has been our national goal, egad.
Not without corruption may Capital multiply,
Imagine how many cricket now does gainfully employ.

1 comment:

ML Raina said...

My instant response to your dirge:

We thought bookies were hapless guys
They only slogged over print.
We know now they are a different breed
They rattle gold and sprint.

They con our greedy cricket lads
Into deeds gross and blunt
They catch them young,our budding players
And make of them shrisanth.

They are the Capital's underside
They eat away the core
They ply you with booze and belle
As long as you up the score.