Friday, September 14, 2012

The day of judgment is here

"Judge justly, that you too may be judged so."

One day each one of us will be judged.

And each one of us must judge one day. That is the day when we are called upon to stand by that light within us which discerns the truth behind the veil.

That day has arrived today.

There are those who tried to put off that day for ever.

They thought they could sit behind glass walls and ignore us.

They thought they were gods, eternally seated on their thrones.

They isolated us, the independent-minded teachers.

Let us tell them what they have done with the power which is given to humans to make the world more beautiful, more equal, more just, less evil.

Let us tell them the truth with our silent act of judgement.

Let us wield our vote like an instrument of speech. So that bad history does not repeat itself.

Panel of candidates:

Rajesh Kumar (Department of English) – President

Surjit Singh (Department of Punjabi) - Secretary

Indira Bali  (Department of Dance) - Vice President

Jatinder Singh (Department of Political Science) - Joint Secretary

Neeraj Sharma  (Department of Computer Science) - Member of the Executive

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Kapil said...

Indian education system is passing through a really tough phase. It has begun to be treated as a stepchild of the government. The private sector has stepped in to babysit for it. The result is an unruly kid. It needs a watchful parenting. Forums like TIE can play an effective role in drafting a holistic education policy that will not only promote value-based learning but will recognize the individual human potential also.