Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lalit Modi

By Badri Raina

As for you, in slick lines

Of slippery oil,

You have rogue writ all over

Your mercenary mug.

With a kidnap and cocain conviction

Under your nonchalant belt,

Your goat eyes cap

A world of coiled perfidies.

Your swagger with ruthless jaw

And calculating computer head,

Your plastic venture smile

Says to the glamour world

How money breeds between your

Greasy fingers, how you are

A quintessential neo-liberal file

That accumulates near and far.

Unlike the boy Tharoor,

You gloat in the knowledge

Of how many salivating souls

In high places

Are prisoner to your lure.

Or that should you be brought

To book, the traces

Could well burn a whole fat lot.

We simply say “ why not”?

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