Saturday, April 10, 2010

Duet for Two Pens

From The New York Times

“Where literature exists, translation exists. Joined at the hip, they are absolutely inseparable, and, in the long run, what happens to one happens to the other. Despite all the difficulties the two have faced, sometimes separately, usually together, they need and nurture each other, and their long-term relationship, often problematic but always illuminating, will surely continue for as long as they both shall live.”

Book Review - Why Translation Matters - By Edith Grossman - Review -

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MLR said...

unexceptionably relevant and timely.Yes, there is destitution of huge proportions(read Harsh Mander in today's Hindu).Yes the state has been relying on predatory corporates to industrialise at the cost of the tribals.The state is culpable, all too culpable. All this has been well brought out in this piece.
And yet(the carping Diogenes in the tub), is it not important right now to meet the Naxal violence head on.In this enterprise the immediate task should be to wipe out the naxal terrorists and then, think of long term solutions. Perhaps it would be too starry-eyed to believe that by encouraging genuine economic development, the terror will go away.Naxalism is now a going business because the bandits not only kill the police but also innocent tribals. That is why I do not see any other alternative but to finish off the Naxals as organised terrorists. And simultaneously get down to removing the causes of Naxalism.