Friday, February 12, 2010

Mahashivaratri Greetings

Badri Raina's greetings below are hereby disseminated among the kriticulture readers.

Of all the gods imagined/created by humankind, Shankar seems to me the most ecologically friendly and green;

he wears no clothes, so does not shop;

he loves even the snake, which bodes well for less deadly animals;

he does not live in some lavish palace of art, but up on the mountain top;

he loves eating and eros as much as not eating and abstinence;

he is a better dancer than Mithun Chakarvarty and Michael Jackson put together;

he does not worry about getting a haircut;

altogether, a wonderful concept from which globalised consumerism has much to learn.

Be well.

Badri Raina

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