Friday, February 12, 2010

Forest in Winter

By Saahil Raina

(Saahil Raina, 7, is in Class 2 at Perce Model School, Boston. Kriticulture is glad to publish this wonderful little tale penned by him amd mailed to 'kriticulture uncle').

Once upon a time, there was a tiger named Alex and a bunny named Jessie. They lived in the rainforest by a pond. It was winter in the rain forest and there was not enough food to eat.

Jessie went looking for carrots and Alex, looking for some deer, was with him. First they looked in the pond but there was nothing to eat. Next they looked in a house by a tall tree but there was nothing there. Now they were very hungry and tired.

“Look what I found!” said Alex “Magical footprints. Maybe if we follow them,” said Jessie, “we can find a magical place.” Alex and Jessie wanted to follow the footprints so they could find some food.

They finished following the footprints. They found a sign that said Magical Kingdom. They walked in the gate and there was another sign that said ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT AND IT WILL COME FALLING FROM THE SKY.

“I want some deer,” said Alex. “I want some carrots,” said Jessie.

Carrots and deer came falling from the sky.

They felt so happy that they now had food. They decided to stay in the Magical Kingdom forever because even if it was winter they still had food.

They lived happily ever after.



Anonymous said...

Great story! Go Saahil!
- Mama

Rajesh Kumar Sharma said...

Saahil, you are a fine story-teller. I like the ending. So very elegant.