Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Man Muthalik

Good man Muthalik, patriot—
He downright honest man;
He do not like this dirtiness,
He clean up all he can.

One problem he is having, though,
That require CT Scan:
The dirtiness he thinks he see
Is all inside his brain.

Muthalik, he like Amreeka
For dollar and internet;
But for keeping mahila disciplined
Taliban are his pet.

Kama Sutra, Khajurahu—
Very spiritual are;
Naked sadhu maharaj jies
Spread that message far.

Mahila, she is not to act,
But to be acted upon;
Bharat ki naari tu tou hai
Very much mahan

But only when you do observe
Proper laaj and sharam;
And oblige without argument
When Muthalik is garam.
Between these poles resides the crux
Of your param dharma.

Badri Raina


Cute said...

Very innovative! the aspect that impresses the most is the use of genuine Indianized English expression. One gets the feel of an average Indian's view of the situation reflected in the diction used by the poet.

Navneet batra said...

I find myself lucky to visit this site

Surbhi said...

Muthalik redux

..and you, you thought i was dead and beaten...
ha! how could you even imagine that in your wild fantasies
when I have taken utmost care to plant myself in the best and
most powerful positions!

I will let loose my tyranny through the vanguards of intellect and inquiry
i will spawn my ideas through the keepers of freedom and originality

and ensure that all the debate gets colored by my excretions and secretions
I will not let go of my birth right to define and correct boundaries
and if they were to be even looked at with curiosity and interest
i will snatch the guts out of the onlooker and feed it to the transgressor.

for i am MUTHALIK, my reign is longer than you imagined,
my blood has irrigated the academic tyranny
my flesh adorns the morals and scruples
even when they have the feet fo clay

Bow to me or prepare to perish..but be assured..i am here to stay and you cannot deny me!

( Chandigarh)