Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Adventure At The Zoo

Saahil Raina

(Grade 1)

(Saahil is the youngest contributor to this blog. I hope you enjoy his fine story. - RKS)

Illustration: Google Clip Art

Once there was a boy named Duck. He took a trip to the zoo with his dad. He got lost because he climbed up the tree to see the monkeys. The dad asks animals to help find where his son is.

First, he asked the lion. The lion said, “He is in a tree but I can’t reach.” The dad asked the tiger and the tiger said, “I can’t reach either.” Then he asked the leopard. The leopard said, “None of the animals can reach except the camel.”

Then the dad asked the camel and the camel said, “I can’t reach.” “The leopard said you could,” said the dad. The camel said, “The leopard is not smart. Go ask the giraffe.”

The dad asked the giraffe, “Can you get my son out of the tree?” The giraffe said, “Yes.” The giraffe reached out his long neck and the boy climbed down. Then he went home with his dad.

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