Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Petition to protect the teachers' right to full salary

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Please read the following text and lend your voice to an urgent cause by signing the petition after clicking the link here:


A majority of teachers in India, at various levels, are today paid only a fraction of the salaries they should be getting under the rules. It is injustice at a huge scale, and it is perpetrated with the complicity of the executive organ of the both the central and the state governments. The teachers' right to the lawfully deserved wages must be protected not only because they too have rights like all other persons but also because exploited,distressed and tormented teachers cannot give their best to those young human beings whose care has been entrusted to them.

The minimum salaries notified by the government are not paid to most teachers, notwithstanding the fact that they have embraced the vocation of teaching after years of dedicated work and have duly earned their qualifications. The paymasters invent novel ways of underpaying, even taking backing under the table part of the salary paid on paper. We petition you to curb these practices by making it mandatory for the managements of educational establishments to deposit the due salary of all teachers with a government authority which should be responsible for disbursing it to the teachers. Secondly, the recruitment, confirmation and service of the teachers should be protected under the law through establishment of proper mechanisms of monitoring and by ensuring complete transparency and accountability so as to eliminate all arbitrariness. We believe in our common obligation to honour the teachers' dignity, and we seek your sincere and complete support in this cause.

Addressed to 
PM, Minister of HRD, Chairman of UGC, and Chairman of CBSE


Rajesh Sharma

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