Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crossing the Line

By Badri Raina

Sardar Montek Singh Ahluwalia,
He plan my  poverty;
Suddenly I am a rich man,
For my income is  thirty three.

Having crossed the line by a whole Rupee,
I now have more and more;
I see around my  jhuggi  things
I never could  see  before.

That magic buck  floats angelic
Beyond  my penury;
The thirty two upon the ground
Reach up for the Christmas tree.

The knowledge that this extra buck
Puts  me  among the haves,
Makes me  feel  I needed not
The  sumptuous fishes and loaves

That  I never had nor ever will
Find upon my skeletal palm;
Better prepared I am to starve
With  thirty third for balm.

At thirty three the son of god
Suffered  fake  demise;
Food or no food I too am set
To  rise, and rise, and rise.

Dear Montek, he give selflessly
Such  healthful advice;
Soon no poor shall remain,
But plenty of rice.

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