Thursday, December 31, 2009

South Asian Ensemble on the Web

South Asian Ensemble
An Interface of Arts, Literature and Culture for South Asian Diaspora

South Asian Ensemble is a Canadian quarterly devoted to the arts, literature and culture of the South Asian diaspora.

The inaugural issue is now available online:

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Badri Raina said...

lovely gift; but why "A Canadian Quarterly" etc., when Patiala is the real contributing hub?

rapid read revealeth such talent and erudition;
some rajesh k sharma translates Pash as i would have wanted to; who is he?
diaspora diaspora, why do we bother with them?
parasites; hybrid novels leave me cold;
long years away from any formal academics, so do not trust me;
but thanks much, and all power to you where such good thinking is being done, as opposed to metropolitan delhi.