Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Humanist Party

Looking for a Different India

Do you Really want a True Alternative to the traditional Politics ? to Corruption & Violence ?
to Poverty & Unemployment ?
to Illiteracy and Illnesses ?
to Discrimination, Injustice and divisions ?
to unfulfilled manifestos and broken promises ?
to unequal growths ?
to growing crimes ?

If YES, Come ?The Time is Now !

We can do it and We Will Do It Together !

Welcome to the world of Changemakers. The world of Humanists volunteers.
Let's work with similar minded people, selflessly, to build a Different India, a Humanist Nation, the India of our dreams.


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Sudhir Gandotra said...

Great Link.
The Humanist song is also available for free download at

Let's work together to take India in the right direction, away from corruption and violence.