Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On Jaipur Literary Festival

M. L. Raina

The festival has come and gone
And gone are glamour girls,
They left behind detritus
At Diggie, and it swirls.

The prickly bristly Solomon
Was forced to stay away
But had his cronies panting
In dudgeon's tight sway.

They fretted and frothed withal
While Oprah stole the show,
And all that Sanjay/Namita got
Was eggs on their brow.

The corporate -they had a merry time
Looking all the way askance,
Like a cat on a hot tin roof,
They made our liberals prance.

Give us more of Chetan lad
Not Tom nor David' Hare,
Cried the raving frantic teens
Who fanned out everywhere.

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