Friday, September 4, 2015

Forget the teacher. Main hoon na!

Reflections on the Teachers' Day

By Rajesh Sharma

Once again India Official shall celebrate the Teachers’ Day with Prime Minister Modi donning a teacher’s costume and ‘teaching’ the school children. 

Subjective actions sometimes reveal an objective situation in all its truth. 

The ‘teaching’ event has been advanced to a day before: Krishna Janmashtami coincides with the Teachers’ Day.

Coincidences sometimes reveal the grounds on which power makes its choices.

Teachers are superfluous. Isn’t that the message? They are a tribe deserving extermination. Apparently symbolically. Seen closer up, actually. A systematic systemic extermination of teachers has been on for over two decades.

Why the fear of letting the Teachers’ Day and Krishna Janmashtami coincide even in observance? Krishna too is a teacher. Or say, he is a teacher also, among much else. He called a doubting Arjuna to battle.

If you are a teacher, or a student – and who is not? – you will be able to read the symptom and diagnose the illness.

The first thing we need today is the skill to read. To read anything and everything as it is and for what it really means – not for what someone wants it to mean.  

Just check: Have they included this skill in the National Skill Development programme?

By the way, why not?

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