Monday, May 19, 2008

Three Poems

By V V B Rama Rao


'Your eyes are deceitful-playful'

You'd say looking beyond-through,

Twirling the buttons on my heart contentedly.

Blessed is the shirt-front:

The prized possession I take out ever now and then

Smelling in mind youthful memories tingling fresh

-How'd a male ever sound the depths?

Between the act and the heart fathoms differ

The lecher's pinch is more suffered than desired

Love knows only giving:

A flower holy offered in surrender.

Didn't the devil possess me:

'You'd come for childbirth, don' you?'

Squirming in compunction

I refresh scorching memories for my redemption.


Three Jeers

Three jeers for Demonocracy

One for fabulous promises of those in power

One for the money-spinning ruses of haves


One from those, seething below the poverty line!



Imagining leads to intuiting:

Thinking leads to penning.

Men and women, adults and adolescents
Wish to pour out

Joys and sorrows travail and triumphs.

Who'd convey musings feeling whims and secrets?

All prayed to Goddess Saraswati, the Sacred Muse

All do not include the sundry

All include not merely the believers

Include the serious wishers, yearners too.

Who said Gods bless only the believers

The unbelieving are held dear by God!

Deities and Powers in unison said:


Here we are.

You, He, She and, of course, "me"

The site is a gift for all!



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